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Re: Blending with the attack.

Aikido is about circles, spheres and spirals. Getting off line doesn't necessarily mean moving side to side. There is also up and down and any direction along a circle, sphere or spiral.

A student starts out with big external circles, spheres and spirals to understand the effects the movements have on uke. Then he/she progresses to ever smaller and smaller circles, spheres and spirals until the circles, spheres and spirals are internal to himself/herself.

You use the circles, spheres and spirals, whether their large external to your body or small internal to your body, to avoid the attack, get off the line of attack or blend with the attack, however you name it.

If someone is throwing a punch to your face and his reach is longer than yours, you don't stand there and receive the punch in the face, you move to avoid the fist hitting your face, you get off the line of the fist hitting your face, you blend with the oncoming fist.

On any video watch the directions that uke moves. That will tell you the direction of the circle, sphere or spiral of nage's movement.


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