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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

As an aside:
That whole area of "intention" is starting to get the attention of Western physiologists who are looking into the role that fascia (internal connective tissues).

Thusfar, they believe that the fascia are the first thing activated by the mind when we make a willful intention to do something (such as scratch an itch, reach for a cup, etc.). in turn, fascia fire the muscles into action. Fascia contain a relatively small number (compared to muscle) of nerve cells related to the kind in muscle, and that they can be fired to expand and contract, though far more slowly than muscle does.

So, maybe when internal methods are being employed, we are somehow exploiting that fascia activity in the space between "intent" and "action."

It'll be interesting to see what they conclude, particularly since Chinese and Japanese "internal" practitioners have intuitively known and exploited these factors for centuries.

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