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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Richard Haight wrote: View Post
Regarding the video, I have never seen any uke respond like that to any techniques of any teacher I have had hands on experience with. Have you felt this teacher and had a similar response (ie the jumping around well after contact has been broken)?
IIRC he took a class from me once in Houston (in the 1990's) when I gave some classes at a national tournament . His name is Peter Young. That kind of stuff is blarney and the students must want to believe very badly to act like that. My point was that those students would talk just as seriously about the <<searches for kind word>> phenomena on that video as someone who does serious work. To avoid discussing anecdotal phenomena, I was suggesting that we stick to more practical "how to" discussions.

Can you explain, for instance, how Kuroda did the two tricks at the end of the video that I pointed to earlier? If so, then possibly there is a baseline for *functional* discussion. If you don't understand the physics of what he did then we may not have the grounds for a discussion.


Mike Sigman
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