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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Robert, I just watched a few videos of Aunkai instructor. It is the first I have ever heard of him. What he is doing reminds me a lot of Jeet Kune Do, which I studied back in the states. My instructor moved a lot like him. My instructor was a student of Steve Golden.

I find it interesting that on the website it mentions about having a connected body. I agree that this is definitely a key to any good martial art. Most people disconnect with each movement they make which causes them to have to use muscular strength instead of skeletal structure. I recall Ushiro Sensei talking about using breath to connect the body. He discussed this rather thoroughly in the demonstration he gave. But inherently the body is connected naturally, so Martial artists need to learn how to stop disconnecting it (unlearn bad movement habits).

Oh, forgot to mention that when you do the sword exercise it should be able to be done slowly and in one smooth motion. Speed is not of importance. Of course, it can be done quickly, but sometimes people cheat by using speed to substitute for lack elsewhere, so it is good to start slowly. I'd be rather curious to find out if Akasawa Sensei is able to do these exercises. By the way, does he ever speak of Sagawa Sensei? What was his impression? Maybe you could answer these questions through a private message to me.

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