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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Well, if all 3 are termed "breath power", but they're all different, which one is it? Or do you have any different meaning yourself? I.e., what do YOU mean by "breath power"?


Sorry, Mike, I have been in and out all day and have been writing bit by bit to answer questions, clarify thoughts, etc. It appears that I failed to answer this question, which I should have addressed first.

My point on breath power was that each teacher has a different "Breath Power". There is no one way, but each teacher used his own way effectively. My own perspective is that, I find that when I relax deeply with awareness, my breathing seems to naturally match with the other person's breathing, but the later is my own realization not a method I was taught. Relaxation being the key to the natural matching that I am referring to. I do not attribute that to any one teacher nor do I think that it is the best way or the only way - just something I noticed.

Does that make sense?
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