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Originally posted by SeiserL
... Perhaps if we train with atemi and know we can strike and choose not to, then we are expressing compassion and mercy. I, for one, like to train how I intend to fight. Therefore the situation will dictate the choice I'll make.
You said it Lynn!

What I previously tried to express was very close to this (but not as eloquent I'm afraid). I'm actually a bit puzzled, since to me it seems that there is a great deal of disagreement about what atemi really is. A lot of the posts discuss atemi as if it was the strike itself - I've been of the opinion that atemi was the awareness of the possibility of a strike or a cut, the positioning of one self in a position where the strike or cut is possible and the controlled release of the power that could have been released through a strike or a cut.

Can anyone give a precise definition of the concept of atemi ? or is it just one more of those 'loosely defined' concepts that seems to start most of the threads on this board

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