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Ah atemi...the only thing that gives me more fits than irmi nage (followed closely by ikkyo )...

My first dojo had pretty much taken it out of the curriculum; my next, it depended on the instructor. Where I'm at now, well more than one intrcutor has cheerfully admonished me to 'just hit them (uke)' when uke does something not too bright. Very reluctant at first, I am growing fond of it. Yes, it can stop uke's movement, so I'm not a big fan for many of the places it can get tossed into a shown technique, and find myself thinking 'easy for you (you big teacher) to get uke going little nages need all the momentum we can get...' And yet, there are places, and the one teacher I've pretty much settled into following here clearly illustrates those places it's nice to have: I was always a fan of using it when I had to pass close to uke moving under his arm, but now actually have gotten away from that. Where I appreciate it more is when a big lumbering uke throws his or her massive weight full force straight in at me (us shorter folk try for a correct angle of attack)--- I find a hand in the face tends to remind uke that charging me might just be as unpleasant for him/her as for me, and slows them down enough or moves them off center enough for me to use their motion rather than be bowled over by it. Yes, I could move and do tenkan instead, but if it was omote that was shown, sometimes you just have to remind uke where your boundries are, and to respect them.
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