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Re: Another harassment question

Buck I have to side with Mary on this. You come across like you have a personal issue with Mary and let it bleed into the tone and content of your posts. Almost like you were trying to pick a fight?

I'll be receiving an email with my friends perspective and thoughts which I will post here in a day or two when it arrives.

You don't have to be anti-man to be pro-woman. ~Jane Galvin Lewis

Isn't this a good quote?!?
Yes it is. You can be Pro male, pro white, pro single father without having to view someone negatively.

By filtering out sex from the situation being discussed, you are removing the sexism. When you do that, that is when the true discussion starts.
Would his behavior be considered worse if he was placing negative attention on someone for being overweight, slow, visible minority?

Would a comment such as
'But you're black. You should be used to people grabbing your wrist and restraining you' be viewed as just a joke. Would it be any less offensive than comments on a girls sexuality?