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Originally posted by thomasgroendal
Finally Erik, I am curious what you all pin with. The body position is universal, but I come from a group that pins with wrist extended into the shoulder. The aikikai people around me isolate the shoulder by rolling the arm, no wrist stuff? Do you use wrist or no wrist?
The Aikikai description fits me all the way around but as I said I do my best to be a mongrel so that may not fit me next week. Generally, anything with the wrist is more orientated towards nikyo in my world. I've also seen ikkyo done with a high pin (arm up and grasped to the body like a high nikyo pin) but that's generally when people are getting ready to test and everyone is trying to figure out how it's done on formal occasions. There's also a nasty variant where people hyperextend the elbow joint often unintentionally.

I'm not sure what you mean by wrist extended into the shoulder. You've got me curious.
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