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First, thanks for the excellent replies.
I agree with Misogi about taking their center. Sometimes I set up the upper body and then grab my ukes belt and cinch it up next to mine, to show that the technique is really happening down here. Unfortunately, I can't produce the same result when doing a live ikkyo all the time yet, but I have a good fifty years before I die. I hope.
You also mentioned kokyu. I breath in as I bring the arm up and out as I bring it down, (in vertical circle versions) Do you do the same?
In reply to simone, I saw something interestign in a daito ryu dojo that seemed similar. Put very simply, the arm is bunched up against the uke, who naturally wants to re-extend it, and then you open your hip and take them where they want to go (suwariwaza) I know that is terrible vague, but seeing the line of the arm, and using contraction and extension has made a very short version of ikkyo I can use. It is kind of like cheating.
Finally Erik, I am curious what you all pin with. The body position is universal, but I come from a group that pins with wrist extended into the shoulder. The aikikai people around me isolate the shoulder by rolling the arm, no wrist stuff? Do you use wrist or no wrist?
Good to hear from you all, and what "style" of aikido do you "represent"?

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