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Question Survey of Ikkyo variants

Ahhh ikkyo no matter how many years I do it, it still gives me the cold shoulder, but I want it nonetheless...
But aside from that, I am curious. I have been through various dojos and seen lots of different ikkyo, ippondori, etc. If I were to loosely categorize them, I would say,
1. the extending ikkyo, that goes right through them.
2. the push and pull, extends in, and then you pull them down to your leg
3. the slide to the side, where ikkyo is taken off to the oblique side, without any direct contact.
4. The receive and drive. (receive a bit and then give back)
5. The straight drop
6. the larger wave crushing the smaller one.
and on and on and on, vague ways to describe a few variations of in this case shomen uchi iriminage omote.
Now I know these descriptions are haphazard, and I use words like push and pull, for convenience, even though they aren't too aikidoish.
Still, I am curious, is there any method to this madness. I see 2 consistent attributes, make that 3.
1. The movement is on top, but by sucking out the attackers center past their upper body, resistance becomes futile.
2. A good ikkyo is not to the arm, but affects the elbow, then the shoulder, and finally causes the center to pivot.
3. A good ikkyo almost always ends below ones center.

Which gives me 2 questions
1. Who are you, and what were you taught; out, down or around? (I would like to survey the schools of thought.)
2. How do you pin?
We have a pin with the arm down, and the inside hand cutting into the flesh with tegatana, the outside hand grips the attackers hand and extends ki to stretch the fingers into the shoulder. I have seen lots of others. What do you do?

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