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Brian Crowley
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I listed a few ideas you might want to consider below. I have moved several times and had to go through this process each time.

1. Keep visiting the classes until you have a better idea. I sometimes came back 3-4 times to the same dojo just to watch different classes. This way you get a good sense of the style and the types of people who train in it. If they will let you join in for a while without signing up take them up on it. You are not taking advantage, you are honestly trying to see if it is the right fit.

2. Try not to feel like the decison you make now is "final". Try one class for a month. If it satisfies you - great - if not maybe try the other next month. Or maybe try the other in any event - just so you are better informed.

3. My experience has been that if I feel comfortable with a dojo/instructor, it usually means that the other members share some common ideas & attitudes with me. Therefore, I think the fact that you feel more comfortable in one is probably very important. Just one of many factors, I'm sure, but don't underestimate it. I tend to think it is one of the more important factors !

Good luck !

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