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Choosing a Dojo


I am going to join a dojo and begin practicing next week and need some advice. I have observed classes at three different dojos and have narrowed my choice down to two. One dojo seems more rigorous and straight forward while the other is a little more informal but has a great unified feeling to it. I spoke with the head instructors of both dojos. Both of them were nice, but I felt so comforatble with the one at the more informal dojo that I felt that I could ask him for a suggestion as to which dojo to join and he would give me an honest recommendation. Just the fact that my perception of him allows that level comfort would seem that his dojo would be a natural choice, but the techniques and training session I observed at the other dojo has me torn between the two. Just looking for some suggestions. If people would like to know the dojos, I'll list them but I didn't think it was necessary. Lastly, I know this is a very personal choice but any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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