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Re: Systema SpetsNaz - No Contact Combat Video

How is it any different then any Aikido video put up here? Never look at the defender when judging an art. Just about every martial art demo is a masterwork of deception. Fundemental dishonesty. Martial shtick presupposes attack and defense in a styles own set movements. Always watch the Uke-never the defender. Who would attack anyone that way or respond to a defense that way.
1.Where are their feet at the time of attack?
2.What is his other hand doing?
3.Why is he so extended?
4. What is his body setting up to do as a follow up counter to the defense?
5. Why is he not countering and resisting while still moving in a balanced state?
6. Who can "lead" someone -other than a trained monkey-out of their own (supposed well trained) center like that?
7. Wouldn't your goal be to train folks -NOT- to lose themselves that way and NOT to succumb to your own arts power?Then have them go try your arts power on unwilling players of other arts?
Never................settle for doing your shtick only on those who train with you, or even others in the same art. Go try it on someone who wants to make a mockery of all you know.
After a few years I force everyone who has trained with me to go do other things, Judo, MMA , BJJ, CMA, Boxing etc. At least a few of them here and there. Even if they have prior experience. It is a mandate or I'll show you the door. I don't want to be the source of anyone's "Budo", or watch them default to some lame Ukemi. I'm just not interested. Once men go out and get knocked around, or successively knock others around, they tend to form their own opinions of these so called " arts" and sort out their own questions.
So, after the long way around, I guess I'd say this video is yet another guy...being a good uke. Wanna bet he's a student of the art, preconditioned to respond that way? Were you on your feet and balanced with good intent your body will never be compromised that way. Further still, who would train anyone, or allow anyone they are responsible for to respond that way to a defense? I would think you'd want anyone associated with you to be able to bring it and to respond to a plethora of defensive tactics and keep bringin it.

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