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Neil Mick
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Re: In Defence of George W. Bush

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
It's a reference to the person(al), Neil. You're implying (and I mean that in the strict construction of logic and grammar) that Bush is *not only* stupid *but also* dangerous. Therefore, your opening comments are not a defense of Bush, but an attack.
Implication does not = Inferral. YOU inferred: I implied no such thing, regarding his stupidity. In point of fact, I happen to agree with you that there is no way to measure Bush's intelligence, as he never published his IQ ratings. Ergo, questioning his IQ IS an ad hominem.

Translation: "Uh oh... the thin facade of "defence of Bush" isn't holding up, no matter how dumb I thought the readers were".


Mike Sigman
Translate it any way you like, Mike: but I think it's time to move away from old arguments that go nowhere.