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Michael Varin wrote: View Post
I know Neil is being a little facetious
Hmm...what gave it away?

Freedom isn't free. I hear this all the time, but most of the people who repeat this phrase don't know what the cost of freedom is. It is eternal vigilance, never trusting government, never letting gov't exceed its proper limitations.

The Constitution has been abused almost since it was ratified. We criticize Bush for behavior that we consider heroic from FDR or Lincoln. This problem is much greater than one man. Do you honestly think replacing him with Hillary is going to matter? Or Obama? Or Giuliani? Or Romney? Or Fred Thompson?

If we support these people, if we fail to exercise our rights, if we continue to be poor stewards of our gov't, we have no one to blame, but ourselves.
Exactly. If this war were going well: we wouldn't be hearing all the petty, personal remarks about W...he'd be "our hero." The atrocities at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo would be dismissed as necessary costs to achieve the goals of the war on terror.

So long as we win, it seems: it's all OK to violate any laws we deem as obstacles. What's a minor charge of collective punishment in comparison to the "winner of the War on Terror?" And all those secret rendition flights, loss of civil liberties, etc...they'd all be excused as "needed tools" to "win the war."

If only we were winning in Iraq.

How easy it is to put aside our societal principles when we're on the winning team!