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Re: Bujin Hakamas

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I have bought aikido gis from Tozando and am very happy with them, so they obviously sell those in larger sizes. I am considering buying a new aikido hakama in the near future and was afraid of purchasing from Tozando due to the short straps issue. I have also looked at Bujin and Daimyo Outfitters. Although, I am straying away from Bujin after this thread a bit.

Does the short straps issue only exist on the Iaido hakama, or have people had this issue on the Aikido hakama as well? Any other places that people feel are worth purchasing a new hakama from?

Ever since I became a yudansha in 1978, I have used hakama made by Iwata. Before I came to Japan these were ordered by the dojo from Japan. The names were always correctly written on the back. When I bought my last hakama, I visited the shop in Okubo, Tokyo and met everyone. You can have your hakama built to order, so to speak, with the straps as long as you like (in my case both knots are in front, around the seika tanden, below the Fujita-style wrap-around obi).

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