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dan guthrie
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Re: "Why We Fight:" the movie

Mark Uttech wrote:
Dan, I didn't 'hear' the movie at all, the third time I tried to watch it at the school library, the library monitor came over and told me I had to wear headphones (!) to watch it, so as not to disturb the others. I wore the headphones to please him, and tried to decipher what the movie's message was. The message I got from the film was the importance of "peace thru strength." I have no quarrel with that at all. I still have not sat through all ninety minutes of the film, I am sure another approach will appear sooner or later. I am also not a fan of the philosophy of "pre-emptive strikes." When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, that could be called a "pre-emptive strike." In gassho
I was just curious. There were no closed captions?
I'm surprised you could see it in a library. It's still in theaters here. There was a 1940's film of the same name narrated by Walter Huston, I believe, could it be the old movie was the one you saw? The old one had animated maps turning black as the Axis empire grew over China and Europe.
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