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Neil Mick
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Re: "Why We Fight:" the movie

Mark Uttech wrote:
This thread is another example of why we fight; we take a side and stick to it. I am just as much an example of that as anyone else as long as I stick to it and have it stuck to me. This thread looked to me as an attempt to generalize war, why war happens ("it's good for business"), as well as an attempt to demonize the United States.
Sorry, but we'll just have to agree to disagree. The US is not just another country: it's the world's only superpower. Also (as the movie made clear), the US spends more on its military budget than the next seven-largest military budgets, combined.

Finally, a quick list of all the countries that the US has invaded since WW2 (a point the film also makes) shows that we are not just another country with a military budget: going to war is our usual means of doing business with the world.

Rather than propaganda (of which the film was ironically named, after the WW2 propaganda film "Why We Fight," by Frank Capra), I found the film to be more in line with a documentary. It's hardly provocative to discuss the military-industrial complex within the US, after all. Even Bush acknowledges America's addiction to oil, and how this shapes our foreign policy.

I did attempt to watch the 90 minute film twice;
At last: thank you for taking the time to watch it.

being hearing impaired gave me an obstacle: was there audio?.
Yes, Mark: the film was mostly audio...this might explain why you think it propaganda...with respect.

When I was growing up, some horror movies didn't scare me, and friends told me that if I could have heard the sound effects I would have indeed been scared, so.... It only takes one line, or sometimes one word to open up a whole train of reflection, so that is my other excuse. My dad told me once: "Even if you have a good excuse, it is still an excuse..." In gassho,
Fair enough: thanks again for watching the film, as well as your take on it.
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