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Re: Are You a Nut-Job?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Why do you blame "diversity" and "political correctness" for the proliferation of nutjobs?
The proliferation of nut-jobs has come about via various and numerous means. I mentioned the two above and associated them with social promotions in the school system because they are sometimes used as umbrella excuses for not telling someone that they are nut-jobs. Under "diversity" we have to allow everyone under the tent, even those bent on destroying the tent. Under "political correctness" we refrain from telling someone that they are nut-jobs because, ah, that just wouldn't be nice. Everyone, after all, is entitled to their opinion, as crazy as it may be. Entitled to these crazy opinions they may be, but that should not constrain us in calling a duck a duck.

As Keith pointed out, the media has recently given nut-jobs a megaphone with which to announce their nut-jobiness. Perhaps this explains the seeming proliferation of nut-jobs today. In the past, view-points, opinions, theories used to go thru some kind of societal filtering process, filtering thru the rocks, gravel, and sand of the various strata of society, and Darwinian-like, surviving or not. Now with the rise and explosion of social media, nut-jobs can by-pass this filtering process and give vent to their nuttiness unfiltered.

The tipping point for me was a recent election somewhere out west where a candidate won a primary (I won't mention the Party), by a hefty margin, according to the news reports, despite her publicly stating that tornadoes and the increased severe weather is caused by God's punishment for humans allowing gay marriage and equal rights. Regardless of how we may feel about this issue, this is nut-jobiness personified! Yet, this person is running for public office and, worse yet, other people are voting for her!

So, I sat down the other day and wrote this down just to get it out of my system.

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