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Re: how do we define martial?

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
This whole approach only works if you accept that the wolf pack pulling down the moose calf is operating within the harmony of the universe. The orca stealing a seal from an ice floe is operating in harmony. The tsunami wiping out a village is operating in harmony.

Humans are humans because we have the ability to choose other options. The drunk who wanders out into traffic gets himself killed according to the universe's law of natural consequences--but a compassionate observer might pull him back before the universe's law can operate.

I think this is very much where Aikido plays. If you stop a mugger by breaking his neck, well okay--natural consequences, though you may find the legalities involved somewhat more complex. But AIkido aspires to neutralize the attack without harming the attacker and even if that goal is more theoretical than real it affects how Aikido is thought about and practiced. Aikido teaches how to stand in the place of decision, where to harm or not to harm lies in your own hands.
Well, not quite how I see it but interesting view. universal laws thus lead to natural consequences but when you bring people and animals into the equation you really have to understand another part of the universe and universal law to understand natural consequences and that would be the laws of karma.

As humans it is up to us to understand and harmonize with the planetary nature. Most fatalities in disaster areas could have been prevented and would have if wisdom was the modus operandi but hey, human don't quite equate with wisdom......yet.

I like your words 'stand in the place of decision'. Luv it.

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