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Re: how do we define martial?

Bernd Lehnen wrote: View Post
Well said, Cady.

Here, what with absolutes.

Liberté, egalité and fraternité, a trinity, if not adequately defined and confined, as absolutes per se, one of them would surely be excluded by the other two of them put together.

Loving protection for all things, what a wonderful idea, but still in reality where does it exist? All over the known universe extinction of whole planetary systems and here on earth extinction of whole species is what we observe. We may call this creation in process.

Couldn't it be, that we poor human creatures by our natural gift, the ability to think and reflect, simply do need to give and find order in our ways to describe and reflect this chaotic reality, so as to not get lost in despair? Isn't it in reality we who create the physical order and laws we believe to have objectively found, because it' s our way to see things, and create beliefs and religions to draw hope out of the otherwise impossible?

Perhaps, all we can do is strive for some harmony, accord and balance?
Bernd, maybe you could take a second look. The whole universe has an order, a balance, a harmonious alignment. All these 'chaos' viewpoints as far as I can see it are of themselves chaotic.

In all life organisms we find even in the word itself (organic, organism, organised, organisation) that life organizes. In your own body millions of cells working in harmony, organs, tissues, etc. all with different functions yet as a whole working in support of each other. Thus when all are doing their function correctly there are in fact helping and supporting all the others and thus a a version of the spitit of loving protection for all things.

The galaxies and universes and how they act can also be seen in the smallest of things and there you see once again a natural order and continuous motion.

As I said earlier about military borrowing from the martial arts so it is with nature. Martial experts borrow from the fine observations of the principles involved in nature and yet on the other hand so to military.

Just take organisms and what life does. It organizes. People organize into groups of friends etc. Then some general or leader somewhere notices organization beats the multitude who are not very organized and thus armies are born.

Spirit of loving protection exists on the one side for all in it's army and on the other side for all in it's army. Unfortunately not from one army to the other army. Thus they have still more to learn.

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