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Re: What to do - Telling sensei their waza isn't good any more

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Henry,
Now now Henry , forgive and forget. Cheers, Joe.
Dear Joe

As my long time friend - and you are a man who knows the truth, I would expect your ``full`` support ..nothing less ...I am really dissapointed to see you post that...Are you actually saying that you are happy to see the continued corruption of our proud history and lineage ?????????????

Mr J Poole and the British Aikido Board to this day present Mr Poole in a way that changes all that we know to be the truth.

To promote Mr Poole they have subjected my life of dedication to British Aikido and integrity to defamation....with no apology.

Do you really approve of that Joe - DO YOU REALLY ???!!

Henry Ellis
Aikido Controversy
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