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My Own thoughts on Aikido

For my first Post I wanted to share my thoughts on Aikido.
As a beginner to the art I have found a lot of misinterpretation of people who say the art as not practical has a martial art.
And to be honest I used to be one of them, I could not understand how you could defend yourself with aikido even in my first lesson I was very rigid and strong I did not understand the concept of fluidity
Then my sensei told me just to go with the flow advised me of what was being taught and why we practice this way it made total sense to me, anyone can stand there and be strong and you will not move him
But in a real situation when someone tries to shove you for example if he hits your shoulder you will move right but what if you where not there to take the push the attacker would be overbalanced and you could take him on his fall point, or you could flow with his energy to take him down and pin him, once I understood this concept I understood a little piece of what was being taught to me and left me hungry for more.
To those people that say Aikido is not effective I would say try a few lessons get in to the grove of the art then come back and let us know what you think
If you don’t like it well that’s fair enough but I would tend to think you will enjoy it so much you would take it up, as a fledgling Aikidoka I feel it is down to us to help spread the name of aikido and to answer any questions the best way we can, most people from other arts only see 1 concept to aikido and there is so much more to the art.

In closing I like to think of Aikidoka as swimmers our sea is the constant flow and change of energy that flows around us.

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought.
Matsuo Basho
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