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Re: Rank Certificate Issuance

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
It would figure that many of the ki society groups wouldn't go through hombu.

I'm interested in finding the shodan criteria for the different major Aikido groups. I'm looking for consistencies in their syllabus.

Thanks for the help.
By criteria, are you referring to testing requirements? As in what is on the test?

Kokikai - Shodan test:

Techniques Any previous ki test or technique -- with and without momentum
Minimum 5
Different techniques Against Shomen Uchi

Against Yokomen Uchi

Against Tsuki

Against Ryo Kata Tori

Against Ushiro Tori
(any grab from behind)

Katate Tori (how to treat beginners and
smaller people -- show ability to be
gentle as well as strong)

Any technique Against Keri

Weapons Tanto tori (various knife attacks)

Bokken Kata #1
2 times counting consecutively

Freestyle 5 uke
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