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Re: Rank Certificate Issuance

Thanks but that's not quite where I'm going with this.

For example the three organizations I mentioned are headed by Shioda, Tomiki and Saito. If they issued rank, one can make a claim that it is legit.

Sure any one could make up a rank, but I'm asking about major Aikido organizations. For example, I know a few people who have Iwama ryu rank, from Saito sensei, independent of the Aikikai. This is not "Hombu" issued rank, but no less legitimate.

Aikikai or "Hombu" has a flavor of Aikido, but it's not the only flavor. There are lots of very legit groups out there who disagree with the Aikikai, yet they still teach a very legitimate form of Aikido.

I'm also not asking about groups that are branched off of the Aikikai. My example again was the CAA, they do not issue rank themselves, but are an agent of the Aikikai.

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