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Re: A response to the articles by Stanley Pranin - Martial arts in a state of decline

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Jesus!! That long, are you sure Dan? Where is me sodding cave.....
Something like that...he has done so many excellent and timely articles about the state of Aikido from the early nineties to a few years back I lost track of them all.
Comes with age I guess.
My main point was that your post while fine (and good for you), strikes me as a bit out of touch-no harm nor foul- just dated in light of all the discussion that has gone on over several forums over the years.
Hit search here and you will get buried with these types of discussions and will meet plenty of people who have resolved or were resolving the effectiveness dilemma.
It was a bit comical to be having that type of debate with the likes of Budd or Kevin or me or Howard. You're preaching to the choir. yet here we are talking to you about IP/aiki.
I can only tell you that for some people they opened up the popcorn, sat back and smiled.