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Re: Kokyu nage - Kokyu Ho

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I suppose that is what I initially didnt think about whenever I approached this exercise. - Which is that it seems that these are more geared towards weapons...when someone is motivated to hold on to your arm and not let go.

In that light it makes sense now.

I think Im getting a better grasp around the concept and technique of Kokyu...



p.s. - though I cant currently see what would motivate them to hang on outside of me having a weapon...well I suppose if they thought I was going to swing up and punch their face - is that what you were referring to when you mentioned that you would learn ways to motivate them to hang on?
Approaching the martial arts with scepticism is VERY healthy. But making judgements based on what you can or cannot do, or what you do or do not understand can be very tricky. Even a huge error in judgment. So I would keep asking and researching.
Many people will tell you of those WOW moments. "How'd he throw me like that? Where did those punches come from? How did he get in on me like that? I didn't see that choke till it was on me and I was out."
You can add the "how come I couldn't let go?" feeling to that as well.
I've had any manner of different MAers grab my gi (if I was wearing one) or arm or hand whatever and ended up on the ground not being able to let go. There are ways to train your body that your may be entirely unaware of that change the way it moves and thus the way others react to you moving.That can be in grabs, locks, throws, chokes, rolling, and or hits.
It's real, its practical, and its not dojo aiki-bunny crap
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