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Re: Kokyu nage - Kokyu Ho

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
You guys familiar with the differences?... ...anyway, this seems to be a pointless technique that has no real world usage at all.
Well, maybe there is more to it and someone can share their experience.
There is more to it.

Kokyu-ho is "breath method" Kokyu nage is "breath throw." Kokyu ho is a principle of physcial action demonstrated in both waza (technique) and in tanren (body training) such as various kokyu undo ( "breath exercises").

Waza are important learning tools to understand the art -- they are not the art. Kokyu undo are not useful as "technique," they are working on the physical sensibilities that make technique happen on its own.

When you see a waza and are corrected in doing a waza, understand your are looking at a narrow slice at that moment in time of that particular physical space, and the "correction" is correct for that instantaneous interaction only. If things change, technique changes. The reality of the aiki interaction is a seamless continuum of the sensibility you study only in isolation in a given "technique" and as simple generla forms of motions and rythm in kokyu undo

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