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Re: How To Make Friends With Aikido

Not sure about making friends, but I believe that if you do things correctly, you do not provide input or feedback to a situation that provides a basis for your opponent to continue to fight back or struggle.

In that sense, I think you limit further conflict. I suppose you could translate this into making friends.

I am personally not so concerned with "making friends" with my enemy as much as I am establishing a relationship built on respect and understanding. That may be that he understands that continuing to sturggle will do him no good. Or it could be the understanding that I do not plan on doing him harm past the point that he is willing to engage.

I just finished a high level meeting with the Angolan military in which we are working to improve our relationships after many years of bad blood. I was not concerned with making friends, but furthering an understanding and mutual respect for one another. That is to build trust and find common ground were we can meet in the middle and begin to grow/foster a relationship. While we gained a better understanding during our meetings, I would not say we made any friendships...and that is okay.

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