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mike valentine
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training


I'm still trying to workout if you're stupid,young and naive or just trying to start an argument.I'm hoping it's your age and naivety but have a feeling that you are not real bright.You state:"there are only two physiologically most effective ways to surely end a fight.A choke and a major head trauma.Let's see if i ruptured your testicles then broke your ankle i'm pretty sure the fight would be over.If i struck you with full force to the lateral side of neck(containing the carotid artery,Jugular vein and both the Vagus and Phrenic nerves)and whilst you were lying unconscious smashed your pelvis dislocating both hips,i'm sure the fight would be over.The list is never ending and is only limited by your education of how the body works.

Let's see,next you suggest that there is no merit in wrestling,boxing,muay thai and bjj.Just wondering if you've ever been involved in any of these disciplines or is Aikido the be all and end all in your one dimensional world.Bjj is"the gayest of all",really i'm from a boxing background(one in which you wouldn't have the intestinal fortitude to enter) and haven't studied bjj so won't pass judgement,but please tell, were you seduced in a bjj dojo hence labeling it gay?You know,many people think the same about are beloved Aiki.

I have done TFT and know its effectiveness.There is no "death touch" or secret pressure points,it's simply about learning where effective targets to strike are and destroying them.Aikido techniques work hand in hand with this stuff,It's not about how you get the injury,so long as you do get it.To practice this stuff you have to have cooperative training partners or people get hurt.Is it commercial,yes it is but i personally don't have a problem with people earning money,Jorgen obviously you do.

In closing i would suggest that you spend some time thinking outside the square,sample different styles take what works and disregard the rest this will only help your Aikido practice

Mike V
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