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Re: The Truth about Violence

So I guess a secondary question has come about, which is: how to address violence in domestic abuse-type situations? Initially I was just identifying that as one of many potentially violent situations one might find themselves in. The "how" question didn't seem relevant in that context, but perhaps it is worth discussing.

I would say that the obvious answer is to try to remove the victim from the situation. But if it's a parent or a spouse that the victim is finanically reliant upon, then that makes it logistically very tough. Of course, at a certain point you have to have a "whatever it takes" attitude if you expect things to change. Otherwise it just becomes a matter justifying and rationalizing why someone is allowed to abuse you. With people like that, they may not possess the wherewithal to break free. Or they may be painted into a corner that they simply can't get out of under their own doing. That is when outside help must come into play.
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