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Max Factor
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Lightbulb My jeep was broken into.

This morning has had some very interesting being… I got up at 10:00 to find the coffee all out no biggie the are a few bags in the down stairs I will just fill it up, In that adventure I managed to send coffee all over the sink and counter top. My only thought was what a morning with a small smile. But nothing could have shocked me more then what happened next. It is now 10:45, the police are at my door and I am playing some music maybe a little loud for this time in the morning. That was not why he was here my jeep had been broken into and they pulled some stuff out of the glove compartment but over all nothing big it was the gym bag with my aikido gear in it. Taken was a white belt, brown belt and my manual this was mind stumping because there was my weapons, palm pilot, some RAM for a compute and some cds…. things that I would think would be more appealing to a thief. As I talked with the police he was surprised at my reaction, because in my town people like to blow up things. I felt this was a good lesion for me, the hole morning, I started to ask myself could I have handled the situation with my jeep as calmly as I did with out the coffee??? I would like to think so…. has any one else had an experience?????

Thanks Nate
All things learned are learned in small steps
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