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Basia Halliop
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Re: Thoughts on Aikiweb

Just click on the person's name to the left of their post. A list of options will pop up including 'add ____ to your ignore list.

I have a few people on my ignore list...
It's not really a full solution though because other people respond to them so I still have to wade through all these half-conversation. And some people post both garbage AND occasionally real content. So it's harder to screen.

IMO, far more posts should just be deleted.... Some are just blatantly garbage or off-topic or just a personal insult. I haven't noticed that politely telling people to be more polite and on-topic really works all that well.

This is a huge discussion board with a lot of members. If everyone who wasn't interested in a topic posted every time to say something about how uninterested they were, there would be nothing but garbage.

I see tons of posts that I am completely not interested in, or that discuss something I don't think highly of. That's life. Move on.
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