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Re: Thoughts on Aikiweb

Where ever we go, there we are.

IMHO, this is not about Aikido or respect. This is about people taking their personal problems and expressing them through the content of an Aikido discussion.

By saying something isn't right it just means its not right according to them. I tend to include the referential indexing into accont so I can take everything with a grain of salt while still hearing what they may have to offer and not take it as a personal statement about me.

My posts are a personal statement about me and how I see things. They are not right or wrong, good or bad. Nor, IMHO is anyone elses.

We do seem to have a lot of arm chair critics but they are usually a temporary inconvenience.

This is where and how we can practice our enter and blending, acceptance and compassion, or just getting off the line and not adding resistance to an already conflictual personality and situation.

IOW, I agree.

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