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Re: Christianity and Aikido??

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I am a Christian and hoping to become a Catholic priest, I also am a 4th dan instructor and love my aikido. I think brian there are a lot of issues to sort here but not time or room to give them justice. Many people have issues over a religion because they have bad experiences of it or someone who represents it, this is sad.... remember that God and religion are two different things. Religion is mans construction of paths to get to God, but not perfect by any means. Practice your aikido with all your might and train through these conflicting feelings you have. They will pass. Keep your heart open to God by practicing with love and He will come to you in his time. "When the student is ready the sensei appears"
First, I can see why you resurrected this thread (all puns intended)...but come on, it's 6 years old!

All kidding aside, read my very first posting here on introduction:

PM me...let's chat. I myself followed that path.
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