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Re: If we can't laugh at ourselves...

Nicholas Eschenbruch wrote: View Post
Well, if I am not totally mistaken I happened to be present at a Shodan test they did at that dojo, and I was quite impressed. OK, the music improvisation bit was unusual at first, but then I found it quite thought provoking and an interesting perspective on practice, especially connection and emotion - in a positive sense. And in fact it was only about the last fifth of what was - to my unqualified eyes - a very solid and comprehensive display of armed and unarmed techniques (which apparently did not make it onto youtube). So, ok, this may not be everybodies cup of tea, but I think we should be careful to judge it out of context - its just one feature of a particular way of practice.


Hi Nick
Long time no see my friend.
Anyway, as for your thoughts.........well, I appreciate your comments but can you really imagine Sensei Emmerson putting up with that on his tatami. I wonder if they would pass a Dan grading with him whilst doing that.
I agree with Lee Mulgrew it's a martial art first and foremost but it is in the humour section so I suppose we all really should laugh about it.
See you soon I hope mate

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