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Chad Sieger (chadsieger) wrote:
Not to add more confusion to the mix but....

Although tenchinage is a technique that we learn and train with (loosely Aikikai), I was once given the insight that in-fact all Aikido techniques have a tenchi aspect. Push/pull, up/down, forward/back, yin/yang, heaven/earth create instability in the uke. These "phenomena" are one of the reasons that Aikido techniques work.

Give yourself a kotegaeshi. One side of your hand goes one way, the other goes the opposite. The "tension" created makes the hold.

Have fun looking at all of your techniques for this "tension." Don't get too analytical about your techniques, but very often when a technique doesn't work properly, it is possible that you are yinning too much without any yang.

This is like a conversation we had in class the other night.. We were talking about how to throw a person. In order for a person to fall(go down), they must first be lifted up. Up.. down.. yin.. yang. Same thing. Kind of made techniques click in my head..


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