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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
I don't see any evidence of IS nor aiki in either person - simply moving out of the way and pushing someone past you is not aiki IMO. However, I do see the use of more leverage types of movements from the little guy than the big guy; who appears to be just using his weight in a direct manner against his opponent.

Hi Greg
The problem is that most people call moving out of the way with proper timing "aiki"
Which is rather interesting in itself. I would be shocked if generations of experienced Samurai considered moving out of the way as an "amazing skill"

We are reading and seeing Ueshiba outlining "aiki" in line with all the Chinese attributes for internal power. All based on In/ you.
Which is;
a. A much more difficult endeavor
b. Has far more dramatic results.
So, I guess the question is, which is right; aiki in you or simply moving out of the way?
Moving out of the way is done by children, Grannies, football players, and just about any human moving on the planet. Seems strange to then say it takes 40 years to master moving out of the way. Why make a big deal over it since anyone can do it. Its kind of like saying I made up an art out of placing one foot in front of the other!!
Aiki as laid out by generations of Asians is a far more complex model involving moving energy within you to control a balance of forces within you, that then controls forces coming in to you. And it sure as hell cannot be done by grannies and children and football players, and for eons it blew the minds of people who encountered it....and wanted to pursue it.
In an age where your life depended on the results; experienced warriors were not so easily impressed as to go WOW!!...over moving out of the way.
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