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Re: Lessons from injury / approaches to recovery

Wow, this is already so helpful, I can't wait to see what others are going to come up with.

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....The running theme in my injuries was ramping up my level of training too quickly.
this resonates with me. lately my ukemi has gotten much better, and it's been incredibly fun and exciting to feel that improvement. That paired with this sense that I'm in good enough shape to train more often, and also the sense that my initial one year commitment to Aikido is ready to become a five or ten year commitment (all about intention! who knows what will happen).

So, the obvious lesson right now is, sure, make the commitment, enjoy the improvement, but don't rush. Be in the moment. Enjoy right now and see what comes of doing right now as well as possible.

Paul Shipley wrote: View Post
I'm sure glad to hear you didn't separate it in the same injury. Mine still hurts a lot six months later.
thank you, are about the fifth person who has mentioned how long soft tissue injuries take to heal fully--definitely glad to have the break instead!

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