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Re: Lessons from injury / approaches to recovery

This year has been my year to go through that cycle. The running theme in my injuries was ramping up my level of training too quickly. I dislocated a couple of ribs whitewater paddling in August trying to get myself in shape to race nationals at the last minute. In November I separated my shoulder mountain biking after the ribs had just healed, again ramping up my effort to get back in shape before winter set in. In February I went to a seminar only about two weeks after the shoulder healing enough to do breakfalls, and snapped my Achilles tendon.

I think this time I'll give myself a few months to gradually increase my level of activity and see how that goes.

Best wishes healing up the collarbone. I'm sure glad to hear you didn't separate it in the same injury. Mine still hurts a lot six months later.

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