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Re: Can you truly understand budo without training in Japan?

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Point 2: I meet people from around the world in my real life that are not involved in the budo and I recently met with a group of Japanese. We had some limited language agreements between us, so I tried to speak about things that they might know like origami and aikido. They knew neither. I wonder what percentage of "modern" Japanese really agree with our conception of them? What percentage of them practice a Way. If they are not involved in the budo do they understand them any better then a non-Japanese?
Origami is fairly widely practice in Japan. Aikido is pretty obscure. Not as obscure as some of the koryu I do, but still, I'd be surprised if even 5% Japanese have even heard of Aikido.

Much more common Ways in Japan are sado, shodo and kado. These are quite widely practiced, so a conversation about them would be more likely to meet with someone who knows something about them.

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