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Re: Jan Hermansson Videos

BTW I was a bit surprised to see Ellis Amdur's It Had To Be Felt column on Hermansson. The charter for the colums says they are supposed to deal with taking ukemi for teachers. Surely Hermansson has done quite a bit of teaching, but he never was known as one of the major teachers over here. He never even had his own dojo... always residing in dojos run by people junior to him, and never having a big crowd fo followers.

Regarding Carsten Möllering's comment in the It Had To Be Felt thread, Endo sensei has often made a point of pointing out Hermansson as his senior. I don't think neither Hermansson nor Endo finds that a remarkable thing to do. Hermansson started his training at Hombu before Endo did, so Hermansson is logically the senior. Sometimes though Endo sensei has made more of a point of it, like introducing Hermansson to the crowd at a seminar saying "This is Janne Hermansson. When I was an uchi deshi at Hombu dojo, I was very afraid of him. I am still very afraid of him." This goes both ways, though. Having your seniors coming training for you is a compliment that perhaps should in some way be returned.
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