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Re: Jan Hermansson Videos

There are those people whose aikido look very good, but when you practise with them you feel it's somewhat hollow. The form may look very correct, but the substance beneath the form is lacking.

And there are those who don't look all that good, but whose aikido feels a whole lot better. I don't suppose Hermansson's aikido ever was extremely pretty but he has always been respected for his ability in all parts of Swedish aikido that I know of, also among people who focus on other aspects of aikido than he has done. FWIW.

The only way for old legends to avoid the peanut gallery probably is to quit training. Most people with injuries and disabilites far smaller than his do. Only young people - oh yes in context you're young Unpronouncable One - would compare moving with a prostethic limb, with moving with a body that is giving you pain.
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