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Re: Jan Hermansson Videos

Yes, I was looking for the humor and found it, but it was very sad humor. ‘Bad guys’ from this demo are in reality the sad clowns. I sincerely hope you will never face a real bad guy in your life.

It is very clear, that this demo was not about most efficient techniques, also, I said nothing about speed or agility…When you have excellent technique when you are young and fit, it stays forever. Look at the most of direct students of O sensei. If one practices hard and long enough, there are always physical limitations because of the injuries, but good strong technique will be clearly visible. I know quite a few shihans with severe body limitations, but when you see them practice, you can’t even say they are injured – one example was S.Sugano sensei, he had leg amputation, but after, anybody watching him couldn’t see it! He was moving just like before surgery.

Now, there are always urban legends, stories, how long time ago, it was better than today. However the reality is as anybody with decent training experience can see with his eyes.

Many ppl was struggling to survive after moving to foreign country, me included. It is difficult experience but nothing exceptional. Exceptional is to survive a war. I also know many excellent aikidokas who survived war.
Of course, you can keep looking for other cheap excuses for poor technique; the reality is what it is.

I’m not blind, when I see excellent technique I say ‘excellent’, if I see a misery, I say “it is a misery’.


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