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Re: Jan Hermansson Videos

Jamie Yugawa wrote: View Post
In reading Ellis Amdur's fantastic "It had to be felt column" about Jan Hermansson, I found some interesting videos.
The first an interesting demo celebrating 50 years of Swedish Aikido (Quite entertaining also!!)

The second a Guinness world record attempt of bending 522 bottle caps in 60 mins. He bends them between his Proximal phalanges on his index and middle fingers!!
What a major disappointment....sloppy technique, not précises movements , constant bad timing, this is absolutely ridiculous and very sad. Understanding aikido = ZERO. The guy is straining to do the tricks a la Daito-ryu, which just clearly shows his null Daito-ryu competence. And all of that with over compliant, fat and out of shape ukes who don't know how to attack correctly and efficiently...

One more evidence that having exceptional power can easily damage aikido development.


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