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Mike Sigman
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Re: Need Picture of O-Sensei doing Jo Trick

Rob Liberti wrote:
He does it in the film: "Rendevous With Adventure". I'll look at it again when I get a chance. If it is the angle you want, I'll send you a copy of that part.- Rob

By the way, great picture! Thanks!

Hi Rob:

No, that's a picture I don't want (I have the video)... they're pushing from the wrong side. I want the picture where someone is pushing from the front side of the jo. I've got a better picture of the backside, but I can't access my website due to a glitch today. Maybe later. Incidentally, there are instances of the jo trick where the uke's are pushing only downward, which is a different story. Sometimes they're not pushing anywhere and he simply is demonstrating that he can extend ki to the end of the jo and pull them all down simultaneously.


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