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DiNalt wrote:
Today we had a class concentrated mostly around shomen uchi ikkyo and shomen uchi iriminage, both suwari waza and well... the "normal" versions.

Which reminded me that I've been failing to understand ikkyo for a long time now.

I got this book by Godzu Shioda (sp? its a Russian version) which has an ikkyo schematic, and I honestly try to redirect the uke's power away like shown by the arrows, but it doesn't disbalance anyone except the really new students.

I feel that I lose control of the shoulder by doing that.

I also bought a tape by Saotome Sensei ("Principles of Aikido") but I that does not help me with ikkyo, either.

I always end up being tense in the arms and shoulders, especially during the ura movement - where I'm struggling with uke's arm and pushing it down while rotating instead of doing it, well, the way its supposed to be done.

And during the omote, I tried several approaches -

1) redirect "away" like in that diagram
2) the arm which is under elbow remains straight and then I walk forward - does not work on newer people who have tense "straight" arms, at all, and with others I feel that they're too far ahead of me to be able to control them.
3) bend toward uke's head in order to disbalance him - doesn't work, either.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions ?
I feel really stupid.

Thanks for reading.
Try using a circular block. It tends to set up the elbow better. Use your body to push his elbow up to his head as you do soto irimi senkai (stepping to his outside and turning).

Step 1.

When uke attacks with a right punch or shomen uchi you block with your right hand making contact around middle of forearm to wrist. This is a soft block. When you make contact immediately do the circle movement outside to in. As uke's arm starts going down you move in and pivot out on your left foot (irimi senkai), then push his elbow with your left hand towards his ear. Push until he is off balance.

Step 2.

Now you can continue pushing uke's elbow to his ear which will throw him to his left. To apply the side lock where uke's arm is extended, you have to pull the arm down to his side. This involves twisting uke's elbow towards you while twisting uke's wrist away from you (note you will have to change grip with the right hand althought The technique can be done without this). While twisting you are pulling his arm and pushing down on his elbow. Don't use your arms. Try to use your hips and weight. Keep uke's elbow in line with your hip so when you move he moves. When you get the arm straight. Push back into him striking gently with your knee into his ribs, then pull out again. Keep pulling until he is well off balance.

The reason uke tenses up is because he or she is reacting to you using strength.

The Yoshinkan method shown is suitable for shomen uchi attack. Its not necessary to use a circular block as the elbow is already exposed. Against a punch you have to get uke to bend his arm. Using a circular block will aid in this.

What I have described is just the basic version of the technique. Like all aikido it takes time to master. I would advise you to concentrate on the basic technique before moving onto any henka waza.

Also note that Shioda uses the pressure points on the elbow to relax uke's arm.

Good luck!

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