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Today we had a class concentrated mostly around shomen uchi ikkyo and shomen uchi iriminage, both suwari waza and well... the "normal" versions.

Which reminded me that I've been failing to understand ikkyo for a long time now.

I got this book by Godzu Shioda (sp? its a Russian version) which has an ikkyo schematic, and I honestly try to redirect the uke's power away like shown by the arrows, but it doesn't disbalance anyone except the really new students.

I feel that I lose control of the shoulder by doing that.

I also bought a tape by Saotome Sensei ("Principles of Aikido") but I that does not help me with ikkyo, either.

I always end up being tense in the arms and shoulders, especially during the ura movement - where I'm struggling with uke's arm and pushing it down while rotating instead of doing it, well, the way its supposed to be done.

And during the omote, I tried several approaches -

1) redirect "away" like in that diagram
2) the arm which is under elbow remains straight and then I walk forward - does not work on newer people who have tense "straight" arms, at all, and with others I feel that they're too far ahead of me to be able to control them.
3) bend toward uke's head in order to disbalance him - doesn't work, either.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions ?
I feel really stupid.

Thanks for reading.
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