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Re: "Conventional Muscles" and Internal Power

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
I don't understand why "IS" is anything different from "well developed skill and trained responses" Elite athletes "look" relaxed when they're setting world records - it's not magic, it's very well developed movement patterns, being able through intense, focused training to sense and anticipate others' actions -
OK so in general, if you are doing something, practice it more and you get better. No one would take issue with that - the problem is whether or not someone is doing a particular thing or not. If not, practice won't improve that particular thing. First you have to start doing it.

If no one teaches it, then all we can do is try to imitate. Problem is, we may think we are doing a good job imitating but we are doing it totally differently. (In other words, "local muscle control" versus "global body control" that utilizes the tanden and a whole body's worth of developed connective tissue.)

At any rate my comments only apply if you think you may possibly not be doing it already. I don't know why I initially had that feeling 5 years ago, but upon investigation I became convinced.

But yes, if you are already doing it, then putting in the training time is all you need.
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